Message from Bhau Kalchuri 

Bhau KalchuriBeloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

"Mere To Giridhar Gopal Dussara Na Koi"
 ("Only Krishna is Mine. No One is There Like Krishna")

This morning, I was feeling the song of St. Mira. She was the one who was in a palace, married to a king. She did not love anyone but Krishna. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were very, very jealous of her. They tried to kill her. Mira would go out singing, "Mere To Giridhar Gopal Dussara Na Koi." It is very bad, against the tradition of royalty, for the queen to go outside and sing.

Once, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law instructed the man who delivered a basket of garlands to her every day to put a cobra in the basket. When St. Mira opened the basket, the cobra had become a garland!

Another time, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave poisoned milk to St. Mira. When she drank the milk in the name of Krishna, nothing happened.

They were harassing her all the time, so much harassment that it was difficult for her to live there. But the king loved her very much, and when he would go to her, he would forget all lustful thoughts. He would feel that she is a saint.

One day, when she came out singing, she had no consciousness. She left the palace and went on walking and singing, "Mere To Giridhar Gopal Dussara Na Koi," absorbed in Krishna.
On the way, people would look at her, and they would be moved. They would give her something to eat, and she would eat. In this way she reached Mathura and Vrundavan. She was singing and singing continuously; she would not sleep. When the king found that she was not in the palace, he went out in search of her. The mother-in-law and sister-in-law also went. It took a while for them to reach Vrundavan, where St. Mira was absorbed in singing, "Mere To Giridhar Gopal Dussara Na Koi."

She had nothing to think about but Krishna. When the king, her husband, saw her, he felt very much touched by her love for Krishna. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were asking for her forgiveness. But St. Mira had no consciousness. She was singing, "Mere To Giridhar Gopal Dussara Na Koi."

The king left her, weeping. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law also felt touched. They were repenting and repenting for what they had done against her. They, too, left.

St. Mira devoted her whole life to the love of Krishna.

Now, Dr. Rathore is preparing a website for the Spiritual Trainees who are at Meherabad following Avatar Meher Baba. I feel he and Lata Deviji are the proper people to prepare the website to help Spiritual Trainees throughout the world. It is not a course. How can it be in words?
It is the feeling of the heart for God.

Beloved Baba emphasized Spiritual Training as one of the Objects of the Trust. Hence, Dr. Rathore is preparing this for the Spiritual Trainees, who will get proper understanding in how to follow Spiritual Training, and how to kill their false self, gradually, gradually, through the weapon of love, honesty and faith.

Dr. Rathore was the Vice Chancellor in a university, and his wife, Lata Devi, was also in the field of education. Now they are retired, and they have come here. What are they doing?

They just go to Baba's Samadhi and take Beloved Baba's darshan twice a day. Nobody sees them -- where they live or what they are doing. They are doing very, very important work, preparing something that is very, very necessary. This is a part of the New Life in which you will see the Labour Phase.

It is not easy to have love for God. Love is a gift from God, and therefore, how to have that love?

One day, you will get this gift from God, and then you will forget everything. But for this, one has to prepare his or herself. The preparation is depicted in this website, Meher Spiritual University.

Perfect Masters and the Avatar prepare people to obey the instructions that He gives. Know well that everyone has different impressions, good and bad. But these impressions are not similar in everyone. That's why everyone has a different face. Even Perfect Masters, who only have yoga-yoga impressions, have different faces. But they have the impressions of their work, and their faces are according to these impressions. The Avatar is the Ancient One, and He is the One Who comes down on earth, age after age. Each time, when He comes down,His face is different.


Because He brings the impressions for His work. Each time when He comes down on earth, His work differs. He also does not come in the same place every time but comes to different places.

What is the aim of life?

The aim of life is to kill the false self, which keeps everyone bound. God is infinite, and He is the One Who comes down age after age on earth in order to make us free from those undesirable impressions that keep us bound. The Ancient One, though He comes age after age, is the same One. When He comes down on earth, His face is different and His name is different. He also brings sanskaras, called Divine Free impressions or Yoga-yoga impressions, for others. When they get these sanskaras from the Avatar or a Perfect Master, they either get God-realization or they proceed towards God. The Avatar gives a Universal Push. A Perfect Master cannot give a Universal Push. A Perfect Master passes through the evolution and involution of consciousness. But the Avatar is the direct descent of God. He does not have to pass through the evolution and involution of consciousness.

He did once, and He has the station of the Ancient One, and He remains busy with the work of Creation all the time. Though a Perfect Master also does Universal Work, it is not so much as the Avatar's work is. A Perfect Master cannot give a Universal Push, while the Avatar does.

What is the Universal Push?

The Universal Push is a push in the consciousness of stone, worm, fish, bird,animal and human being. God is in everything, so God is in every kingdom of consciousness. So what is in a stone?

In a stone, there is no mind, no subtle body, no mental body. But God is there. When the Universal Push is given, this same stone turns into a vegetable. You will think that there is no life in a vegetable. But there is life. A vegetable needs, water, air and manure. In this way, consciousness grows.
When you come into worm and fish form, mind is there. Because of mind, you want to save your life. So mind becomes more and more conscious in the upper kingdoms: bird, animal, and lastly, human. But this consciousness is of the gross world.Within us there are the subtle world and the mental world. In the subtle world,there are four kingdoms, and in the mental world, two kingdoms. If you read GOD SPEAKS or THE NOTHING AND THE EVERYTHING, you will come to know what is the gross world, what is the subtle world and what is the mental world. These subtle and mental kingdoms are within everyone, and when they are experienced, human beings remain as masts or saliks.

In the subtle world, on the fourth plane, people get Infinite Power, but no knowledge and no bliss. Therefore, these people do not know how to use their power. They remain so absorbed in this power. They can do harm. You get Infinite Power, and if you are not saved, and if you have no knowledge, you can destroy the whole world with one thought. So the fourth plane is very dangerous. But there are always fifth plane masts or Perfect Masters to save people on the fourth plane.

After the fourth plane, in the mental planes, you are saved. But who is on the fifth plane?

He is called "Wali."

A sixth-planer is called a pir. But you are saved. Only the fourth plane of the subtle world is dangerous. On the sixth plane there is so much longing that you are just like a fish out of water. You suffer and suffer. If there is a Perfect Master, He will take you from the sixth plane to the first part of the seventh plane. This the part where there is total annihilation of mind, Nirvana.

Buddha told about Nirvana. But there is also the second part of the seventh plane, Nirvikalpa. You realize God and are free from the world. One with the Ocean.

All these journeys of evolution and involution bring the result: "I am God." Then, of course, a few become Perfect Masters.

So there are always five Perfect Masters on the gross plane, and they help human beings. There are also a few Jivanmuktas and a few Paramahansas. The rest are God-realized. So there are a total of 56 God-realized souls, including Perfect Masters, Jivanmuktas, and Paramahansas.

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba has given this Spiritual Training, which gives us an opportunity to minimize our impressions if we do anything honestly, faithfully, selflessly with love. He has also given the New Life, and we can follow the New Life in a similar way. Honesty is very, very important.

Dr. Rathore, the Vice Chancellor, has made this New Life website very well. It is for the world. Even by seeing it, you get the idea that you must follow it to get rid of sanskaras. The New Life can be followed singularly or collectively. You do not have to go begging. Baba did this, and then in Meher Mafi, prescribed the Labour Phase to those whom he had sent back, Adi, Dr.Ghani and Anna 104. The Labour Phase is very, very important. Because Spiritual Training is in the Trust Deed, the Trustees have to follow the Labour Phase.

And what is the Labour Phase?

There are four phases in the Labour Phase. If you do any job, it comes under the Labour Phase. Do it honestly, lovingly and faithfully and know well that you are doing this in order follow God's Wish.

If you are doing business, do it lovingly, honestly, faithfully. All these conditions are given in the New Life. Follow these conditions.

If you do any professional work, do it honestly. Help the poor, the needy. If you earn money, use it properly. Use it to help those who need it.

If you want to do farming, do it honestly.

There was a Perfect Master, and the Perfect Master had many followers. One of them was old, but he was very, very honest and very loving. One day, that old man said to the Perfect Master, "Maharaj, I've got four sons. They all are young, and I want them to love you and follow you as I am doing."

"All right," the Perfect Master said. "Tomorrow, bring your four sons, and I will tell them what they should do."

The next day, the old man brought his four sons. The Perfect Master was in his room. The old man went to him and said, "Maharaj, my sons are here. Should I bring them to you?"

"No. Send one after another. Don't bring them together."

The old man sent his eldest son to the Perfect Master. The Perfect Master embraced him and asked him to sit down. He then asked, "What do you want?"

"Master," the eldest son replied. "Whatever you ask me to do, I will do."

"Whatever I want, you will do that?"

"Yes, Master. I will do whatever you ask me to do."

"So I will tell you something that you might be able to do. If I ask you to do cultivation, will you do it?"

"Yes, Master," the eldest son replied.

"Do it, but do it honestly, lovingly and love your children. Love other people also. Also think that God is in everyone. So you must be honest. You must be sincere. And you should love God. Will you do it?"

"I will do whatever you ask me."

"I am very, very happy," the Perfect Master said. "Know well that I will always help you internally. So don't do anything dishonestly."

"No, Master. I will just do things honestly."

"I'm happy," the Perfect Master said. "You go, and send your brother."
The second son came, and the Perfect Master asked him to sit. "Your father is very, very honest, and I love him. Just see how great your father is that he follows me and takes care of you. Tell me, what do you want to do?"

"Master, whatever you ask me to do, I will do."

"Will you be able to do?"

"I will do."

"If I ask you to do cultivation, sometimes if it rains well, you will get profit, good production. Sometimes it does not rain, so you will be at a loss. So cultivation is not good. But if you do business, oh! You may earn like anything. Do you want to do business?"

"Master, I will do it if you ask me to."

"All right," the Perfect Master said. "You do business. But honestly you must do it. Now, send your third brother."

The third son came and the Perfect Master asked him to sit. "What to you want to do in your life?"

"Master, whatever you ask, I will do."

"I was thinking the whole night about you," the Perfect Master said. "If I ask you to do cultivation, sometimes it rains, sometimes it does not rain. You don't earn everything. So it is very risky. If I ask you to do business, sometimes you earn a profit, sometimes you don't. It is also very risky. But if you do any job, oh! Every month on the first, you will get a paycheck. So do you want to do some job?"

"Master, if you want me to do some job, I will do it."

"All right," the Perfect Master said. "You take a job. But honestly you must do it. Now, send your last brother."

The fourth son came and the Perfect Master asked him to sit. "What to you want to do in your life?"

"Master, whatever you ask, I will do."

"I was thinking the whole night about you," the Perfect Master said. "If I ask you to do cultivation, sometimes it rains, sometimes it does not. You don't earn everything. So it is very risky. If I ask you to do business, sometimes you will get profit, sometimes a loss. It is also very risky. If I ask you to do a job, you will become a slave of that person who has hired you. It is no good. All these things have no guarantee. But if you come to me, live with me, follow whatever I want you to do, then you will have no worry. You will be benefited, and you will not know what benefit you are getting. So do you want to be with me?"

"Master, I will be so happy."

"But I tell you," the Perfect Master said. "Don't tell anyone. Don't talk about this. Don't tell your father but come to me permanently and serve me. Whatever I say, you just obey. I don't give any guarantee that I will be loving with you. Sometimes I will beat you. I will put you in difficulty. Sometimes you will have to remain hungry. Still, you will be with me."

"Master, whatever you do, and whatever you ask me to do, I will do willingly," the final son replied.

"So you just come and stay with me," the Perfect Master said. "Don't tell anyone."

Now just see.

The Master asked the sons of that old man to come and gave them different jobs. There is nothing good or bad in that, because the Master himself asked them to do these different things. He is responsible for them. He made his decision according to whatever the sons needed. There are some things good for one but bad for others. You cannot distinguish. Therefore, in spirituality, we have to do whatever the Master asks us to do. Good, bad, whatever we think, it is not good and it is not bad. It is suitable for us.

Therefore, in Spiritual Training, honesty, love, sincerity, etc. are required. It is given as conditions in the book under Baba's instructions. Therefore, we must follow these instructions. If we do, we are under Spiritual Training.

I like Dr. Rathore, and I like my sister, Srimati Lata Devi. They say, "Had we joined Avatar Meher Baba from the beginning, we would have felt very, very happy. Anyway, the Compassionate One gave us the opportunity to come here and work. And see, because of Him and this longing, we are presenting this website."

With all love and Jai Baba to you,

In His Love and Service,

9th April 2008

Bhau Kalchuri, one of Meher Baba’s intimate disciples, was the Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Trust in Ahmednagar, India. Bhau authored a number of books on Meher Baba, notably `Meher Prabhu (Lord Meher): The Biography of Avatar Meher Baba’ (20 volumes), `The Nothing and The Everything’ and `Meher Baba’s New Life’. Bhau Kalchuri was guided to Meher Baba during 1952-53 through an experience of a voice at Tajuddin Baba’s tomb near Nagpur, India. After coming to Meher Baba, Bhau led a remarkable life in Meher Baba's guidance and surrender.Bhau Kalchuri, all through his life, remained tirelessly engaged in spreading Meher Baba’s message of Love and Truth far and wide in the world. MSU is and will always be deeply indebted to dear Bhau Ji for his loving support, encouragement and guidance. Bhau dropped his body on October 23rd, 2013 and joined Beloved Baba.