Crowned - At Tomb - 1938 East Room March 1938 Dassera 1938-With Chum & Women Construction of 2nd floor-1938   Inside Cave    
At Meherabad kitchen-1934      
Dassera - With Chum & Donkeys Group Near Cave November 30,1930    
Turban Scarf  
Feeding Mohammed Mast  
Seclusion Tin Cabin-1935    
Baba giving a Haircut - Baidul assisting at Mad and Mast Ashram
June 1937 - Gesturing Inside Old Bungalow
Raja Gopichand Play in Progress      
Baba in front of Table Cabin-1937 With Eastern Women Disciples on Hill - Meherabad 1938
Cleaning Masts Toilets        
As Krishna Playing the  Flute - 1937