Universe - Illusion Sustaining Reality

This MSU course on Universe: Illusion sustaining Reality presents spiritual and science based overviews on the objective reality and our abode - Universe.The Vedas state: Brahman Satyam: Jagat Mithya meaning Brahman (Supreme Self or Pure I AM Consciousness) alone is Truth: Universe or creation is only an illusion. In another statement the Vedas state: Sarvam Khalu Idam Brahman meaning all this multiplicity in the form of universe or creation is essentially Brahman. Meher Baba says that the role of universe is to act as a bridge between the limited-Self (`I AM this - I AM that? Consciousness) and the Supreme Self (Pure I AM Consciousness). Modern science, quite surprisingly, is converging fast to this viewpoint. Universe: Illusion sustaining Reality presents and compares these spiritual and scientific viewpoints.