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USR 101 : Universe: Illusion Sustaining Reality 

MSU Course Category: Science and Spirituality
Course Facilitator – Prof. J.S. Rathore

This MSU course titled 'Universe: Illusion sustaining Reality' presents spiritual and science based overviews on the objective reality and our abode - the Universe. Avatar Meher Baba's GOD SPEAKS - a book that He dictated through the medium of an alphabet board between 1953 & 1954 - describes explicitly the spiritual cosmology and the divine purpose behind creation. Meher Baba was observing Silence from 10 July 1925 onwards and communicating through an alphabet board. After dictating GOD SPEAKS Meher Baba abandoned the alphabet board. The content presented in this course based on the revelations made in GOD SPEAKS and ancient spiritual scriptures. The Vedas state: "Brahman Satyam - Jagat Mithya" meaning Brahman (Supreme Self or Pure I AM Consciousness) alone is Truth: Universe or creation is only an illusion. In another statement the Vedas state: "Sarvam Khalu Idam Brahman" meaning all this multiplicity in the form of universe or creation is essentially Brahman (Supreme Self or Pure I AM Consciousness). Universe, therefore, is a formation in Brahman or Pure I AM Consciousness. Meher Baba says that the role of universe is to act as a bridge between the limited-Self (`I AM this - I AM that' Consciousness) and the Supreme Self (the Pure I AM Consciousness).

Modern science, quite surprisingly, is fast converging to this viewpoint. The 'Universe: Illusion Sustaining Reality' course presents a compelling narrative comparing spiritual and scientific viewpoints on this theme.

II 101 : Infinite Intelligence Primer

MSU Course Category: Spiritual Practice
Course Facilitator - Prof. J.S. Rathore

Tenth of July 1925 stands out as the day when Avatar Meher Baba abandoned the use of spoken word and commenced his mystic Silence that remained unbroken in his lifetime that spanned across from 25 February 1894 to 31 January 1969. He then started writing a book and completed it by the end of 1926. After that, Meher Baba stopped writing except signing his name when necessary. About this book, Baba had said that it would be the future Bible, Koran, Avesta and Veda and accepted by all castes and creeds. It is believed by Meher Baba's close circle members and by many of his followers that the `INFINITE INTELLIGENCE' is that Book. Being the word of the Avatar of the Age Meher Baba, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE is divine and sacred. Meher Baba had said that the words given by him are filled with his power.

Meher Spiritual University is humbly introducing this great book through this MSU course presented in two parts as INFINITE INTELLIGENCE PRIMER -  PART 1 and INFINITE INTELLIGENCE PRIMER -  PART 2. INFINITE INTELLIGENCE PRIMER -PART 1 endeavors to present the gamut of key statements of the original Book `INFINITE INTELLIGENCE' while INFINITE INTELLIGENCE PRIMER - PART 2 attempts to reflect on its core premises in the light of recent scientific researches. The 21st Century has now entered a phase when some of the recent research thrusts not only validate the spiritual truths as revealed by the Avatars, Prophets and Sadgurus, but they also open new windows to have a glimpse of the structure and functioning of higher order spiritual-material systems. It is our feeling that a sincere and earnest study of these courses would immensely benefit the reader and will encourage them to read this invaluable and most precious book.

SE 101 : Saving Earth

MSU Course Category: Science and Spirituality
Course Facilitator - Prof. J.S. Rathore

Saving Earth is short course that presents the spiritual metaphysics of Meher Baba in order to reflect and appreciate the spiritual significance of Earth and humanity.

Avatars, ancient Seers and Sages have described earth as a divine entity holding a unique place in the spiritual emancipation of man. Meher Baba has said that earth has a unique place in the universe. However the last few decades have witnessed an unprecedented and unparralled destruction of earth's natural environment bringing earth's capacity to support life to the brink.  Examining this destruction in context of statements made by Meher Baba in his Final Declaration, the course stresses on the urgent need to actively participate to halt and reverse this dangerous destruction and Save Earth - Our only Home.

This content presented in this course should hopefully generate an enthusiastic and committed urge and action-response to save earth from unsustainable human action and  anthropogenic processes of environmental degradation and destruction. Using Meher Baba's life and teachings as a benchmark, this course presents relevant material suggesting that environmental concerns are essentially spiritual concerns. Content is supported by video clips.

SE 101 : Music and The Spiritual Path 

MSU Course Category: Art and Culture
Course Facilitator – Dr. James Newell

This short course on Music and the Spiritual Path comes to you from Meher Spiritual University - a not for profit organization devoted to the study and teachings of Meher Baba. The course is based on the discourses given on the subject by one of the greatest spiritual Masters of our time - Meher Baba. The course is organized in three modules with each module comprised of lesson units. The course primarily aims to provide some interesting ways to think about the subject of music and the spiritual path. After undergoing this course, the participants should have a broad view of how a number of different religious and spiritual traditions understand and use music to further their spiritual aims. Content is supported by video and sound clips.

MED 101 : Meditation

MSU Course Category: Spiritual Practice
Course Facilitator - Dr. C.S. Rathore

Meditation has been a subject of considerable interest since times immemorial. This is particularly true for eastern spiritual traditions where meditation has long been seen as a vehicle for self discovery and gnosis.  In the recent times, there has been a considerable and renewed interest in meditation due to which a number of techniques of meditation have been widely publicized. The stress on learning meditation however has largely centered on the potential health benefits of meditation in combating stress arising from the rigors of modern day living. Propelled by this understanding, many people practice meditation with the primary objective of achieving happiness in their lives through body fitness and mental tranquility.  

While the stress on health benefits of meditation is fine, seeing meditation from the narrow prism of body wellness is probably undermining the true potential of meditation as a vehicle for spiritual growth and self discovery which most eastern spiritual traditions highlight as the real purpose of life. If the source of happiness is focused on maintaining body fitness, would not the same body become a source of sorrow and pain when it grows old? Lasting peace and happiness therefore cannot be based on the material world or its sensory objects as they are fundamentally transitory in nature.  According to eastern spiritual wisdom, the foundation of real happiness must be based on transmuting ignorance through a process of self discovery that leads to freedom from illusory bondage. Meditation seen in this light fulfills a far bigger human need by becoming a vehicle of inner discovery and great spiritual progress.  Meher Baba — one of the greatest spiritual masters of our time — has extensively discoursed on meditation and its potential as a vehicle for this great spiritual journey which pushes the aspirant on the spiritual path and rooting them in God .

This course is based on the wonderful and deeply insightful teachings of Meher Baba on this subject.  The course, through well structured modules, provides an exposition of the theory and practice of meditation to the participants giving them an opportunity to build a completely new understanding towards the purpose and approach to meditation. It also provides the participants with considerable practical insights permitting them to integrate the practice of meditation in their daily lives in right earnest and with the right perspective.The course is organized in three modules with each module comprising of lesson units.

FSL 303 : Foundations of Spiritual Living

MSU Course Category: Spiritual Practice
Course Facilitator - Prof. J.S. Rathore

Trudging through the world  – unconscious of our true spiritual destiny – we lead lives where desires drive us into a never-ending spiral of inner conflicts, continually fueled by egocentric thinking. This course brings a great message of hope encouraging the participant to take bold and courageous decisions about his/her life and make changes that harmonize the soul’s inner seeking to know itself and our life choices and actions.  The material presented in this course brings authoritative spiritual insights from one of the greatest Spiritual Masters of our Time – Meher Baba – encouraging participants to understand and internalize their true spiritual destiny and change their lives to find answers to deeper inner conflicts emanating from true spiritual seeking.

This course helps the participant understand fundamental spiritual principles which provide her/him with requisite knowledge to realign their lives and bring it in tune with time honoured spiritual tenets. It provides insights that can help set into motion, value centric inner transformative processes that can help participants lead fuller and more meaningful lives. The course mainly draws from the teachings and life of Meher Baba. It also liberally refers to ancient spiritual texts like the Upanishads, the Bhagwad Gita, the Holy Bible and Buddhist literature to create an integral view of the purpose of life and how one needs to evolve a fresh perspective to live a spiritual life. Living spiritually thus, not only pushes the aspirant on an inward journey to self discovery but also helps evolve a robust framework which can provide a durable and loving relationship between the individual, God and creation.

Foundations of Spiritual Living   will be of use to all those who wish to explore the need to reorient their lives propelled by a new and deeper spiritual vision helping them to live more meaningfully and respond to life situations with the assurance and comfort of being guided by God’s love. 

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